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Top tips from The Spiritual Scientist to get through lockdown part 2!

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

Self-isolating? Now is the time to embrace self-healing

The practice of self-healing is so important to overcome stress and anxiety to help one get through these unprecedented times of uncertainty, fear and loneliness. If you are self-isolating at the moment, this is the best time to practice.

Maria learned to self-heal as part of her training to become an angelic reiki practitioner which qualified her to perform healing on people and animals. Simply follow the method below to try out self-healing for yourself with the use of a clear quartz crystal. To enhance the experience, you wish listen to relaxing music!

Self-healing meditation

· Sit or lie down and make sure you are rested and feeling comfortable

· It would be advisable to cover yourself with a blanket, because your body temperature drops during meditation

· Wear loose clothing for comfort

· Make sure you will not be disturbed

· If you wish, start your relaxation music

· Close your eyes and pay attention to your breath

· Place your hands with your clear quartz crystal on your heart chakra

· Imagine roots coming out of your feet and going down into the soil and attached to a ruby red crystal. This will help ground your energy!

· Stay there for 15 minutes embracing the experience

Other top tips during self-isolation

1. Write about your self-healing experiences in a journal; plot your journey and record your progress

2. Take time out from social media (constant technological interaction)

3. Have a nice relaxing bath

4. Listen to the birds singing and the sounds of nature

5. Read a stimulating book

6. Don’t be scared to let your emotions come out: cry, laugh, shout because this is part of your healing process.

7. Use organic rose essential oil in a diffuser to raise your vibration because has a very high vibrational frequency

8. Distance yourself from any negative people, news or surroundings.

9. Be grateful for what you are and what you have. Write something you are grateful every day

10. Feed your body as well as your mind with nutritious food and drink plenty of water.

11. Sing, dance, draw, paint and practice yoga in your home to lift your mood

12. Get at least 7-8 hours of sleep

13. Join online support groups

The Spiritual Scientist - bridging the gap between science and spirituality is a great resource for anyone wanting to find new ways in combating stress and anxiety. The book aims to give the reader an understanding of how energy works and how to balance and restore energies to enjoy a tranquil and peaceful life by using a variety of spiritual practices including healing, aromatherapy and mindfulness techniques.

Purchase your copy on Amazon or all major online bookstores.

If you would like Maria to write an article or interview her, email

Facebook: @mariaafentakisuk

Instagram: @angelicmagic444

Twitter: @mariaafentakis

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