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The Spiritual Scientist – bridging the gap between Science and Spirituality

1) Why is the book important?

2) Why did you write the book?

3) What is the book about?

4) Why do individuals need to understand the bridge between science and spirituality?

5) What type of audience is the book for?

6) Give examples of the spiritual practices from the book that can help combat stress


1) The book is important because it empowers the reader to take charge of their wellbeing. It is an easy-read guide for anyone who wants to understand energy in a scientific and spiritual way.

2) I wrote the book to give readers the scientific knowledge which will help them understand how spiritual practices such as aromatherapy, crystal healing and meditation work to bring balance, peace and vitality to their everyday lives. The book contains many easy-to-follow activities to help the reader gain practice in using these spiritual techniques, whilst embarking on a journey of self-development and self-discovery. The final chapter of the book provides recipes for meditation kits, for example as a kit to combat stress.

3) My new book – The Spiritual Scientist – Bridging the gap between science and spirituality in a way is combining my expertise to help bridge the gap between the spiritual world and the scientific world of energy. Both such diverse subjects, but strongly connected. It is like connecting left brain thinking such as science, mathematics and logic with right brain thinking such as creativity, imagination and intuition. The major ingredient to balance ones’ energy is to bring together opposites of the spectrum so they can unite as one for example, balance of masculine and feminine energies.

4) I am bridging the gap between science and spirituality by educating individuals on the spiritual and physical concepts of energy. My book contains very scientific chapters including energy, the human body and the brain which interlink with the spiritual counterparts for example; energy and energetic aura, the human body and the chakra system and the brain and mindfulness. The chapters on crystals and essential oils both have a scientific element in them. I hope by bringing both the scientific and spiritual concepts of energy together in an easy to understand but comprehensive way, it will help readers to understand this connection and use this connection in their everyday lives to have balance, happiness and relaxation to understand why it is so important.

It is important for individuals to understand the bridge between science and spirituality because both subjects are connected but are on different parts of the spectrum, combining both aspects can help the individual to understand their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual states and the importance of nurturing all

for ease and awareness to have optimal health.

5) This book has been written in a way for a wide range of audience from a teenager to a retired person can read it and gain the necessary scientific information and an introduction to various spiritual practices to incorporate these in their daily lives.

6) Crystal healing, aromatherapy and mindfulness techniques can help combat stress and many other illnesses:

a) Crystals are a great way to balance your energy and activate your sense of sight and touch. When you connect to a crystal, the electromagnetic field of the crystal connects to the electromagnetic field of your body to bring healing and calmness. Crystals work on specific chakras and parts of the body of a specific colour as they carry that vibrational frequency, for example you can heal the heart chakra with a green crystal such as emerald. There are crystals that can be used to balance the energetic aura of the whole body such as clear quartz crystal. Clear quartz crystal is my favourite crystal as it is known as a rainbow crystal and in visible light shows different colours emitted like a rainbow or in a prism. The colours represent the visible light in the electromagnetic spectrum (scientific) and the different colours of your auric field (spiritual). Crystal healing can help achieve homeostasis in the body. Homeostasis is the system that keeps all the processes in the body balanced such as hormone regulation and temperature.

b) Essentials oils are gifts from nature and come from flowers, plants and trees and can help activate your sense of smell. This then triggers a response in the brain to release neurotransmitters in the brain such as dopamine and serotonin to bring feelings of job and happiness, interestingly, in patients with Alzheimer’s disease, there is a loss of dopamine neurones in the brain, so essential oil inhalation such as lavender and chamomile may help ease their symptoms. The reason this helps is because essential oils have a higher frequency than the human body; a healthy human body frequency is around 62-70-MHz, if the frequency goes below 62MHz there is an indication of ill health such as cancer, essential oils such as rose have a frequency of 320MHz, so inhaling this essential oil can help raise your frequency which in turn can bring relaxation and happiness.

c) Mindfulness techniques alongside crystals and essential oils can activate neurotransmitters in the brain such as serotonin (contributes to wellbeing and happiness) and dopamine (contribute to pressure, motivation and learning) which will bring feelings of joy and happiness. Scientific research has proven that techniques that incorporate cognitive behaviour therapy and mindfulness techniques such as MBCT (mindfulness-based cogntitve therapy) and MBSR (mindfulness-based stress reduction) and can help in mental health issues such as anxiety and depression and can boost the immune system in MS sufferers as well as help reduce bad habits such as smoking and overeating. Key elements of mindfulness are as stated in my book include: be in the present moment, pay attention, be aware of all aspects of your environment, activate your senses, concentrate on your breathing, for example, breath in for 3 seconds and out for 3 seconds as this helps to regulate your heart beat and relax your mind and finally practice yoga to connect with your body.

7) Every day, I set aside at least two hours for spiritual practice. This includes: a guided meditation by one of my favourite spiritual teachers, I like to use crystals and an aura spray that I make with organic essential oils. The sprays I make help me to enhance my connection to the four elements which are Air, Fire, Water and Earth. If I feel anxious, I use an aura spray with Lavender, Rose and Chamomile which helps me to relax. I have a huge list of recipes at the end of my book with specific meditation kits the reader can create for themselves. I enjoy taking daily walks and exercise in nature. I like to practice reiki techniques on myself as these help me balance my energetic aura and chakra system. I find saying positive affirmations very helpful in increasing my vibrational frequency and promote calmness.

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