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Strong dragon energies

'It was an absolute joy to receive the dragon reading and guided meditation from Maria.

The reading was incredibly healing and Maria is highly intuitive. The cards used are extraordinarily beautiful, and an image of the cards to focus on during the reading and meditation is provided.

The guided meditation is easy to follow and Maria provides excellent support throughout. It is wonderful that you can listen to the recording again whenever needed.

When it was completed, I really felt different within myself, and Maria has given me ways to release blockages and get myself back into balance by tapping into dragon energies.

Thank you Maria for helping me to begin transforming my life ❤️🙏🏻'

Simone, Sydney

Powerful reading 

'Maria came highly recommended to me via my daughter. I’d never had a dragon card reading or meditation before, so this was very new to me. 

It turned out to be an amazing and powerful reading from Maria. I am born in a dragon year, and have always been drawn to dragons. 

The cards Maria drew pointed to the exact areas of my life that have gotten me out of balance these past several years. 

Together, the reading and meditation has given me many useful ways to harness dragon power and healing to get my mind, body, spirit and soul back together'

Anna, Sydney

Powerful Archangel energies and meditation


'I was really excited to go to this workshop and see Maria. Although I had never previously heard of Maria Afentakis, the workshop sounded right up my street and I was very interested to know more about the connection between science, spirit and the Angels. I was not disappointed!

I really enjoyed the Archangel guided meditation as well and am really pleased this was included in the session. I just wish the whole workshop lasted longer as I wanted to experience more of what Maria had to say. I am now intrigued to find out more about Maria's work - there are so many skills she practices (Reiki, Animal Healing, Crystals) and have joined her social media accounts to learn more! I also look forward to reading her book when it is released'


George, London


Personalised Archangel workshop


'I had an amazing 1-2-1 Archangel session with Maria. I loved the session and connecting with the Archangels. It was informative, included a meditation to connect with the angels and an Angel card reading.  Maria is an excellent teacher. I highly recommend'


Androulla, London

11.11.22 activation workshop - extremely powerful energies


'Maria is a very knowledgeable passionate lady who introduced the workshop and told us exactly what to expect. We had our crystal's ready to meditate with to connect to four Archangel's. We had a break during the hour and a half to ask questions. Each meditation was a very powerful experience making connection to each Archangel in turn, during the meditations we received a healing which would continue to work over the following 22 days. 

Each of the workshop participants received a channelled message personal to each of us which was so very accurate and so interesting to listen to. 

Maria is a very talented teacher and we would recommend attending her workshops.

With much appreciation to Maria'

Jane and Nick, Milton Keynes


Angelic reiki healing session


'I had a half an hour angelic Reiki session with Maria. As soon as she laid her hands on my shoulders I felt a rush of energy shoot down into my arms, as well as heat emanating from her hands. 


Unique among Reiki healers, Maria gave me an intuitive reading at the end of the session. What she shared with me was extremely insightful and on point. 


This lady has the goods, and I would recommend her to anybody!'

Henry, London



“My dog (Sphinx) was hit by a car and had incurred a hip trauma and internal bleeding

which had left him with a swaying hip when he walked. He was also in a lot of pain and

was not able to walk for more than 15 minutes without panting in pain due to his internal

injuries. Sphinx had one healing session with Maria, and he totally surrendered to the

healing energies during the session with Maria and seemed to really love the healing

vibes. 24 hours later, Sphinx not only had a spring back in his step, but he managed to

walk for an hour without showing any sign of pain and seemed to be back to his old

happy self again. I highly recommend Maria for animal healing as she has a natural gift

with animals, and animals really do soak all that love and healing energy!”

Sam, London

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