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The Spiritual Scientist
 Author - Scientist - Teacher - Educator - Meditation facilitator
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My new book - The Spiritual Scientist - Bridging the gap between science and spirituality will help you learn how to balance your energy by understanding the scientific aspects and incorporating spiritual practices


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The Spiritual Scientist - 3d Book Cover.

About the book


I am the bridge between both worlds: the spiritual and the scientific. Coming from a scientific background, I hope, by explaining the concepts of energy, I can convince you about the importance of spiritual practices and how you can achieve optimal health for your mind, body and soul by implementing these concepts in your day-to-day life.

This book is an easy-read guide to science and spirituality: both such diverse subjects, but strongly connected. In a way, it is like connecting left-brain thinking (logic, mathematics, science) with right-brain thinking (intuition, creativity, imagination). The main aim of this book is to bridge the gap between the physical concept of energy and the spiritual concept of energy. I will take you on a journey of discovery. As you begin reading, you will gain basic scientific knowledge that will be greatly enhanced as you work though the book. It will be like crossing a bridge – at each stage of the bridge you will gain another piece of knowledge; as you reach the end of it, your bag of knowledge will turn into a sack of useful information! You will gain a greater understanding regarding different spiritual practices and how important these are in maintaining a balanced well-being.


In this book, you will explore the science behind physical energy – with particular attention to the electromagnetic spectrum, vibrations and frequencies, light energy, how the human body works and the function of the brain. The spiritual concepts of energetic aura, the chakra system, balancing and restoring energy in your aura and the importance of mindfulness techniques will be explained to increase your knowledge of the spiritual concepts of energy. Spiritual practices include using crystals to balance and restore blocked chakras, essential oils and meditation to help with relaxation, and positive affirmations for increasing energetic vibration to connect with one’s energy and the energies of earth and all living beings.

The last chapter will bring all the knowledge together with a practical step-by-step guide. You will learn how to create a variety of meditation kits using essential oils, crystals and mindfulness techniques. For example, if you are feeling tired and stressed, you could create a soothing meditation kit with peppermint and lavender essential oils and green crystals.

Book reviews

‘Science has not always been split from spirituality – there are many examples of notable scientists who had a deep connection to the spiritual side of life. In more recent years it has been much harder finding men and women of science who are willing to embrace the spiritual dimension. Maria is one of those great pioneering spirits who are stepping forward to heal this painful and artificial schism. The Spiritual Scientist is a much-needed book that bridges the artificial gap between science and spirituality. Most importantly, in this time of spiritual darkness, she helps the reader understand both scientific and spiritual notions of how energy works, which in turn helps restore a sense of faith in the Universe along with a greater experience of balance and harmony within their energy field.’ – Steve Ahnael Nobel, author, book mentor, coach, founder of Soul Matrix Healing (London, UK)

‘As a fellow scientist, Maria Afentakis has captured the heart and soul of Albert Einstein with great effect in this fascinating and informative book. Through Einstein’s ground breaking teachings and philosophical views, Maria offers the reader two bites of the cherry with a frank scientific explanation translated into a practical, accessible and elegant way for all to understand. The Spiritual Scientist beautifully marries together Einstein’s scientific and spiritual beliefs into the one common denominator: we are all energy.’ – Elizabeth Whiter, author of You Can Heal Your Pet and The Animal Healer (Hassocks, UK)

‘In her book, The Spiritual Scientist, Maria explains the connections of basic scientific principles and spiritual concepts of healing and energy from a degreed biochemist and neurologist’s point of view. Her book is unique in that she creates a bridge for the scientifically-minded person to acquire a foundational learning of spiritual energy and how to use it for healing purposes. A wonderful introduction for anyone who wishes to begin a spiritual practice of energy work.’ – Kris Seraphine-Oster, PhD, author, marketing strategist, business coach (Santa Barbara, USA)

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