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Maria Afentakis BSc, MSc

The scientist

Maria has an MSc in Neuroscience from the Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College, London. She has worked in prestigious scientific institutes throughout her scientific career, including The institute of Neurology, UCL, London School of Pharmacy, Imperial College and The Royal Marsden Hospital, London.

She has been an author in many scientific publications, including a first author paper, which is recognition for her scientific research. This paper is listed below:

Afentakis M, et al. ‘Immunohistochemical BAG1 expression improves the estimation of residual risk by IHC4 in postmenopausal patients treated with anastrazole or tamoxifen: a TransATAC study’. Breast Cancer Research and Treatment, 2013.

Maria has taught many medical doctors and students scientific concepts in biology, physics and chemistry. She has supervised them, and helped them pass examinations and obtain MDs and PhDs.

Through her writing and teaching, Maria's aim is to educate others in gaining the scientific background to help them understand the importance of connecting the mind, body and soul with mindfulness techniques to bring them peace and balance in their everyday lives.

The spiritualist


Maria is a gifted third-generation spiritual psychic, clairvoyant, intuitive reader, angelic reiki practitioner, animal reiki practitioner, crystal healer, channel, public speaker, teacher and author.


From a young age, Maria has been highly sensitive to energetic fields of places and people, and has been blessed with spiritual gifts to bridge the gap between science and spirituality, to educate others in gaining the scientific background to help them understand spirituality, and to bring them peace and balance in their everyday lives.


Maria offers advice and angelic reiki treatments to people to make them feel balanced and energised. She is able to explain to them how their energetic aura and chakra system works, by explaining the biology and physics behind them. She provides workshops and runs guided meditation classes.

For high-value speaking engagements and workshops


As a scientist and academic, it is my passion to help improve your well-being in life; to help empower you with new-found energy and spiritual awareness and to bring about positive changes in your life.


Upcoming events will include talks and workshops on energy and how people can balance and restore their chakras so they feel energised, happy and at peace in life.


You can find me at events including the Mind Body Soul Experience at Alexandra Palace in London, where I have a regular speaking engagement. Keep a close watch on my website for the next speaking event.

Email to receive information on FREE new moon/full moon meditations, information and upcoming events



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