'I had an Angel cards reading session with Maria and it was a truly beautiful experience.
I felt her reading was very accurate giving me guidance and direction on aspects of my life that need most attention. Maria was very good at picking it up and communicating it. She made me feel very comfortable during the session and kept a fun and relaxed, although professional, approach throughout. I left feeling very grounded and enlightened. I would strongly recommend Maria either you are looking for direction on your life or just interested in learning a bit more about yourself!'- Vera, Portugal

'I had Angel reading which was very accurate and spot on. Maria gave me great advice and guidance. I would give her a star rating of 5/5 stars. I would highly recommend her!' - Denise, London

'I had a 3 card reading with Maria & it was quite accurate to what is happening in my life at the moment. She delivered the reading via messenger & was very easy to understand. Thanks again for the reading Maria' - Michelle, London

'Thank you for my tarot card reading, it focused my mind what's truly important here and now. Thank you again. I'll let you know how I get on!' - Nagite, London


'I had an angelic reiki session with Maria and it was great! She is so intuitive and I feel that the messages for what I needed for healing were relevant. I also feel that the healing worked. I definitely recommend a session with her! She is great at what she does!' - Litha, London


'Bell really benefited from having communication and healing as she suffers with anxiety. Her being able to communicate that she would like more one on one time was lovely to know so I can help ease her anxiety or lessen it. I will make time in my schedule to give her more one-on-one time. It is quite joyous to know that she is very happy keeping one of her puppies out of the litter. In her first litter she used to like collecting the teddies and putting them in her bed pretending that they were her puppies as they had all been rehomed. With her second litter I allowed her to keep one out of the pack. I will take the advice on the lavender ointment as well' - Shedean, London

'I did a healing consultation with Maria for my puppy Ralph. Ralph is a very anxious dog and seems to be especially nervous around men and barks a lot at them especially in our home. Maria came over and after our initial consultation did a healing session with Ralph. I have noticed since the session he seems calmer and is more comfortable being on his own in the home rather than before where he would follow me from room to room. Ralph communicated to Maria that he doesn’t have a specific issue with men but is just being protective of his home. This has reassured me and I can now work with him on the barking when people come into our home. Maria is a natural with animals so would highly recommend her for your pets.Thanks Maria!' - Sarah, London


'My dog (Sphinx) was hit by a car and had incurred a hip trauma and internal bleeding which had left him with a swaying hip when he walked. He was also in a lot of pain and was not able to walk for more than 15 minutes without panting in pain due to his internal injuries. Sphinx had one healing session with Maria, and he totally surrendered to the healing energies during the session with Maria and seemed to really love the healing vibes. 24 hours later, Sphinx not only had a spring back in his step, but he managed to walk for an hour without showing any sign of pain and seemed to be back to his old happy self again. I highly recommend Maria for animal healing as she has a natural gift with animals, and animals really do soak all that love and healing energy!' - Sam, London


'I was really excited to go to this workshop and see Maria. Although I had never previously heard of Maria Afentakis, the workshop sounded right up my street and I was very interested to know more about the connection between science, spirit and the Angels. I was not disappointed! I really enjoyed the Archangel guided meditation as well and am really pleased this was included in the session. I just wish the whole workshop lasted longer as I wanted to experience more of what Maria had to say. I am now intrigued to find out more about Maria's work - there are so many skills she practices (Reiki, Animal Healing, Crystals) and have joined her social media accounts to learn more! I also look forward to reading her book when it is released' - George, London.