My work now is bringing my scientific knowledge and spiritual skills together to educate and heal the world. I will explain how both are interlinked and connected and how important it is to understand this association....


The scientific and spiritual concepts of energy...

What is energy?


The word energy is derived from the Greek word Energia (ένέργεια). In physics, energy is a quantitative measure that is transferred to an object to perform work on or heat the object.


Energy is vital for every living organism and system in biology, chemistry, physics, biochemistry, mechanics, the environment and geology.

Each organism or system receives energy by different means, for example humans get energy from food, plants get energy by photosynthesizing, cars get energy from fuel, the earth gets energy from the sun…


The energy law of conservation states:


“Energy cannot be made or destroyed but transferred”.

So what does this actually mean???


Energy is constantly active. There are many types of energy including kinetic (movement), potential (work done), chemical, light, sound and thermal energy.

As in the practical concepts of energy, spiritual energy can also be transferred or transmuted from one form to the other for example one is able to change negative energy into positive energy by the power of the mind.

Techniques that can be used to balance your energetic aura include meditation, crystal healing, reiki and aromatherapy.

-Meditation- Meditation is a great way of transforming the mind into a state of peace and tranquillity. It helps to bring clarity, concentration, emotional positivity and calmness.



-Crystal and reiki healing- Reiki healing using crystals is an ancient method to bring balance and tranquility to individuals. Crystals are made up of many ions, atoms and molecules comprised in a crystalline structure. Each crystal has its own electromagnetic energy or vibration. In crystal healing, crystals are placed on the body and around the body forming a crystal grid. The electromagnetic field of the crystal combines with that of the human to bring harmony and balance.



Different colour crystals are related to different chakras in the body for example:


Clear quartz for the crown chakra

Amethyst for the third eye chakra

Blue topaz for the throat chakra

Emerald or aventurine for heart chakra

Critine for the solar plexus chakra

Orange carnelian for the sacral chakra

Ruby for the root chakra.


-Aromatherapy- An ancient therapy using organic essential oils from plants and plant sources to help improve and balance your energy. Essential oils are used whilst meditating to enhance energy levels and the feeling of calmness. This technique is also effective in medical conditions such as anxiety, depression and pain.




What is light energy?

Light energy is a type electromagnetic radiation forming part of the electromagnetic spectrum.  It is referred to as visible light and can be seen by the naked eye. Visible light is made up of having wavelengths in the range of 400-700 nanometres with a frequency range of 430-750 terahertz. The frequency is what gives the light a specific colour.


A wavelength (λ) is defined as the distance between a point on one wave to the same point on another wave. The frequency (f) is defined as the number of waves produced by the source each second.


Speed of a wavelength can be calculated by:  f x λ


light energy is connected to your energetic aura and the chakras because just llike in visible light energy you see a spectrum of colours, it is the same when you connect to your chakras in a spiritual context.


Chakras are energetic focal points in the body. There are 7 main chakras which start from the base of the spine to the crown of the head.


These invisible wheels of energy keep us healthy and vibrant. Each chakra has its own purpose, association, aura colour and connection.


The seven chakras are:

  1. The crown- Connection to spirituality. Purple aura

  2. The third eye- Intuition, Imagination and wisdom. Violet aura

  3. The throat- Communication. Blue aura

  4. The heart- Love, compassion and unconditional love. Green and pink aura.

  5. The solar plexus- Experience and emotion. Yellow aura.

  6. The sacral- Creativity and procreation. Orange aura.

  7. The base- Grounding. Red aura.